The Macarthur chapter of Boomerang Bags officially Launched on the 8th of November 2019 in Campbelltown and is still Coordinated by Dreamtime Explorers, as a Macarthur Community Initiative to bring cultural communities together.

About Camden Boomerang Bags

Boomerang Bags is a grassroots, community-driven movement tackling plastic pollution at its source. Volunteers from all walks of life get together to make reusable ‘boomerang bags’ using recycled materials, as a means to provide a sustainable alternative to plastic bags.


Boomerang Bags is reducing our reliance on single-use plastic bags by sewing reusable shopping bags from up-cycled fabric to be distributed in the local community at a low price.

Socialise and meet new people, Learn new skills, build the community, and embrace the culture.  No experience is necessary, sewing & non-sewing jobs are all involved.

Macarthur Boomerang Bags founder will sell a range of reusable bags starting at $2.00 to $40.00 for a custom-made gift bag.  Our bags are handmade by local volunteers using up-cycled fabrics, so they’re unique and environmentally friendly.

Dreamtime Explorers has committed to donate 30% of each sale back to local community charity organizations, which provide activities/ services to Aboriginal, and Torres Strait Islander people and Cultural groups in Rural NSW.

Macarthur Dreamtime Boomerang Bags is a self-funded project seeking Corporate, Government, or Business funding or support to build a better future for animals and our waterways, by promoting a True line of Aboriginal printed bags at a low cost.

For further information, Please call our Office on 1800 863 732 or email: [email protected]